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Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong
All you need for a pleasurable trip to Ocean Park.

Guest Services

Whether you are visiting us alone, with your family, children or in a tour group, Ocean Park provides a wide range of services and facilities to ensure that you are well taken care of during your time at the Park.

1. Guest Relations

Should you have any enquiries prior to your visit or require immediate assistance at the Park, you can always contact our Guest Relations. You can also visit Guest Relations Office to obtain guide maps and other information on park services. The office provides Lost and Found service as well.

General Enquiry Hotline: (852) 3923 2323

Ocean Park Annual Membership Hotline: (852) 3923 2222

Email: gr@oceanpark.com.hk

Locations of Guest Relations Office:

  • Main Entrance


2. Free Wi-Fi Coverage

You may enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi service in Ocean Park and stay connected.

Official Wi-Fi networks of Ocean Park:

  • OceanPark Free WiFi
  • OceanPark Free WiFi Encrypted
  • Wi-Fi.HK via OP*

*30 minutes Wi-Fi usage daily


3. Ocean Park Hong Kong Mobile App

You may enjoy interactive functions including eScheduler and eCoupon for a more fun and in-depth visit. Please click here for details on the App.

To download the App, please go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “Ocean Park Hong Kong”, or scan the QR code below.


4. Tip Board

Guests are welcome to check out the most updated facility/attraction queue times, show times and other park information from the tip boards.


  • Aqua City Lagoon, The Waterfront
  • Waterfront Plaza, The Waterfront
  • Summit Plaza, The Summit
  • Rainforest, The Summit
  • Marine World, The Summit


5. Locker Rental

Area Location Locker Size
Height x Width x Depth (inch)
Main Entrance Near Cross Border Bus Stop 18 x 11 x 24.5 HK$100 per day
Waterfront Locker, Stroller and Wheelchair Rental in Aqua City 18 x 11 x 24.5 HK$140 per day
Summit Near the exit of Ocean Express Summit Station 18 x 11 x 24.5 HK$20 per hour
Summit Thrill Mountain Locker Rental 18 x 11 x 24.5

HK$20 per hour


  • Locker rental is based on first come, first served basis.
  • Locker rental is only available during the park opening hours.
  • Guests should safeguard all the valuable belongings at all time.
  • Overtime charges will apply

Cloakroom service is also available at the Stroller and Wheelchair Rental in Aqua City if your personal belongings exceed the locker size. The cloakroom charge is HK$140 per each deposited item.


6. Power Bank Rental Service

Power bank rental service stations from ChargeSPOT are available at various locations inside Ocean Park. Please refer to ChargeSPOT app for the service locations in the park.

To download the App, please go to the App Store or Google Play and search for ChargeSPOT, or click the link below.



7. First Aid and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

You can approach staff nearby or First Aid Posts for assistance when in need of first aid service.

Locations of First Aid Post:

  • Aqua City
  • Thrill Mountain
  • Marine World

In the event of a cardiac emergency, AEDs are accessible throughout the Park.

Locations of AED:

  • Aqua City First Aid Post
  • Exit of Waterfront Ocean Express Station
  • Thrill Mountain First Aid Post
  • Ground Floor of North Pole Encounter
  • Sitting Area opposite to Ocean Paradise
  • Marine World First Aid Post


8. Payment Method

Facilities which accept cash (in HKD, RMB and USD)

  • Ticketing Office
  • Restaurants, souvenir shops and image galleries
  • Food kiosks and mobile carts

Facilities which accept major credit cards (Visa, Master, American Express, JCB, Diners Club and Union Pay)

  • Ticketing Office
  • Restaurants (Diners Club card is not accepted)
  • Souvenir shops and image galleries (Diners Club card is not accepted)

ATM is located at:

  • Park Entrance


9. Park Re-entry

For same day re-entry, please have your hand stamped at the exit before leaving the Park. Upon presentation of your admission ticket and the hand stamp, our staff will assist you in returning to the Park within the Park’s operating hours.

1. Stroller Rental

The rental fee for a single stroller is HK$150 per day, plus a HK$100 refundable security deposit.

Location: Aqua City, The Waterfront


2. Baby Care Room

All baby care rooms are equipped with baby changers, bottle warmers and feeding seats. Guests are welcome to approach our Guest Relations or staff for assistance.



3. Lost Children Service

If you have separated with your child, you are welcome to seek help from our staff members or at Guest Relations. In fact, you may get a free wristband for your child at Guest Relations before your trip begins. The dual functioned wristband enables you to write down contact details on it and helps us reunite you with your child in case he/she is lost in the Park. It also records your child’s height to provide a hassle-free ride experience for your child.


4. Guardian Switch Service

This service provides convenience to parents and guardians whose young children do not meet the safety requirement of mechanical rides or do not wish to get on the ride, yet not miss out on our attractions. Please approach our Ride Attendants or Guest Relations to learn more about the Guardian Switch Service.

1. Special Dietary Requirement

Halal food, Indian food and vegetarian dishes are served in several restaurants and food kiosks in the Park to accommodate guests’ special dietary requirements. Requests using certain ingredients will be accommodated upon advanced reservation. For other special religious needs or special diet due to food allergy, please contact our Guest Relations at (852) 3923 2323 or email to gr@oceanpark.com.hk prior to visit to discuss your options.


2. Prayer Room

Prayer rooms with Qibla indication are available in Guest Relations Office.

Locations of Guest Relations Office with Prayer Room:

  • Main Entrance



3. Hooded Jackets for Guests with Headwear to Put On

Due to safety concern, loose items are not allowed to bring onto rides. In case guests cannot take off the headwear due to religions belief, our staff will provide a windbreaker with hood to guests for securing the headwear.


4. Kirpan Policy

We recommend that guests from the Sikh community who carry a Kirpan wear a necklace-type Kirpan (3 inches/7.5 cm or less) when visiting Ocean Park. If guest is carrying a larger Kirpan, please contact our security staff for assistance at the Park Entrance.

1. For Guests with Physical Disabilities

Most of the exhibits and mechanical rides are accessible by physically disabled guests including toilets, ramps and theatre viewing platforms. There are also specially designed gondolas at the Cable Car, Ferris Wheel and Balloons-up-up-and-away for wheelchair bound guests.

Wheelchairs are available for rental at the Locker, Stroller and Wheelchair Rental in Aqua City. Wheelchair rental is available at HK$60 per day, in addition to a HK$100 refundable security deposit.


2. For Guests with Visual Disabilities

A Braille guide is available for guests with visual impairment to better enjoy the Park's facilities. Just contact our Guest Relations upon arrival.


3. Guide Dog & Latrines

Guests with guide dogs are welcomed and latrines are set up in the Park. Guests are welcome to approach our Guest Relations or staff for assistance.


  • Entrance of Old Hong Kong, The Waterfront
  • Hair Raiser, The Summit


4. For Guests with Hearing Disabilities

Loop Pad System is available at:

  • Guest Relations Office
  • Ticketing Office


5. Queue Assistance Service

Ocean Park is committed to enhancing our guest experience for all our guests. To facilitate guests who have difficulties to queue normally for park facilities due to physical or psychological constraints, we are introducing the Queue Assistance Service (QAS) to provide priority access at a number of our attractions.