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The new animal exhibit "Sloth and Friends Studio"


The new animal exhibit "Sloth and Friends Studio" is now open to the public!

Come and meet the two adorable slow-moving sloths and get to know other animal friends through AI technology!

The sloth even became the main character of various masterpieces such as "Mona Lisa" and "The Scream". Using the IUCN Red List as the theme, the art gallery displays many different AI paintings and features the listed endangered species. Let's be creative! With the new AI technology, you can create your animal-themed art piece and learn more about these species from another perspective and take action for ecological conservation! At the daily-designated time slots, you can greet the macaw, kinkajou or ball python and learn more about the fun facts during caring for the animals shared by our animal caretaker.

Meet our animal friends here

Located at Old Hong Kong, Aqua City, the new animal exhibit 'Sloth and Friends Studio' features sloth themed AI paintings displayed outside the entrance. Step inside to discover more masterpieces!

Save Endangered Species

As you enter the art gallery, you will cross a series of animal paintings created by AI and get to know "The IUCN Red List" established by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The main character in these paintings includes the extinct Western Black Rhinoceros, the critically endangered Blue-crowned Laughingthrush, the endangered red panda and even more. The biodiversity of nature is under severe threat and if we wish to reverse the extinction trend, we must first know their latest living status and understand how conservation works.


    Greet the Sloth

    Although the two-toed sloths move slowly, they have their special ability. They can hang upside down from trees no matter when eating or sleeping. Come to visit the "Downshifting Family", some members were even born in Ocean Park! At 3:00pm every day, the animal caretaker will demonstrate how to feed the Sloth and share their interesting living habits with you.

    Greet the Ball Pythons

    You can also visit the mysterious ball pythons here. The patterns on their bodies are distinctive and they are very gentle indeed. Ball pythons and sloths are both nocturnal animals with camouflage colours. This makes them hard to spot. Yet, you could find them if you look carefully.

    Animal Fun Talks

    At the daily-designated time slots1, different animal friends2 with the care of our animal caretaker will come out and meet you! Apart from observing closely and understanding their characteristics and habits, the caretaker will also share how they interact with those animal friends and how we can protect the wild habitats of these animals.

    12:00 and 2:00 pm
    2 Include macaws, kinkajou and ball pythons. Animal friends participating in the Animal Fun Talk session are subject to change.

      Explore the Animal World through technology

      Ever thought about you can create your imaginary world of animals through AI technology and represent how rich biodiversity is? By entering simple commands on the tablet inside the exhibit, your imagination will be generated into various animal-themed paintings that show the beautiful species in a lively artistic style.