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Ocean Park x Father of Gundam – Okawara Kunio 50th Anniversary Exhibition

01.04.2023 - 04.06.2023

Learn About the Legendary Mecha’s Origins in Okawara’s Mechanical Design World

A must-see exhibition for all anime and mecha fans! Legendary Japanese mechanical designer Okawara Kunio created a craze that has swept the world for half a century. Now you can dive into the global popularity of mecha at Ocean Park between 1 April and 4 June 2023, the first stop for the Father of Gundam — Okawara Kunio 50th Anniversary Exhibition. Look back at his many ground-breaking mechanical designs, from the classic Yatterman and King of Braves GAOGAIGAR to the Mobile Suit Gundam series, a worldwide cultural icon for over 40 years, and many other pioneering anime works. Giant figures of his designs will be on display, including the much-loved RX-78-2 Gundam and MS-06F Zaku II, as well as his newer creations. Explore an extensive collection of art and documents at Okawara Kunio Mech Design Base to catch a glimpse of rarely seen hand-drawn artwork and see how his expertise in mechanical design infused his work across the decades. Immerse yourself in a world of magnificent machines and explore how Okawara Kunio shaped the history of mecha design in Japanese anime.

Dive into the fantastic world of Okawara Kunio’s mecha with the Ocean Park x Father of Gundam – Okawara Kunio 50th Anniversary Exhibition package ticket at HK$448. This dedicated all-inclusive package offers access to all exhibition venues, including The Okawara Kunio Mech Design Base exhibition ticket, as well as the thrilling rides and attractions of Ocean Park!

The Okawara Kunio Mech Design Base exhibition tickets provides limited Gunpla pre-orders, commemorative Octopus Cards and a limited Collectable Metal Relief Paper Weight Set, as well as themed towel. The merchandize is limited, so seize your chance to explore this legend in mechanical design!

Okawara Kunio has designed many mechas for Japanese anime, including Yatterman and the Mobile Suit Gundam series, which set the tone for mechanical design and had an incredible impact that transcended global borders. At Waterfront Plaza, you can check out the 2-metre-high Yatter-wan, the trusty giant robot dog, and the 3-metre RX-78-2 Gundam with its Beam Rifle and Shield – the first time these mecha have been displayed together, and a showcase for the many charming elements of Okawara's designs. Meanwhile, MS-06F Zaku II troops have taken over the Waterfront Plaza! Ten 1.7-metre Zaku II with their machine guns are standing tall to stun any enemies in their path! Are you friend or foe? Come now and discover the secrets of these popular mecha.

At the Father of Gundam limited-time store, pick up some essential and exclusive mecha-themed merchandise, including figures, skateboards, towels, badges and more.

With an Okawara Kunio 50th Anniversary Exhibition package ticket, you can explore all these must-see designs and stop by the shop to take home your all-time favourites.

    Tracing the Epoch-making Creations of Okawara Kunio 

    From Mado King Granzort and Armored Trooper VOTOMS to the groundbreaking Mobile Suit Gundam series which made its debut over 40 years ago, Okawara Kunio has led the golden age of robot anime. Peer into the unprecedented history of this legendary mechanical designer and his creations at Okawara Kunio Mech Design Base, the first-ever full retrospective on his mechanical designs in Hong Kong, featuring over 300 sketches, including 20 rarely exhibited original works, as well as secret designs and models of his earliest creations.

    At the Mech Design Base, visit familiar classics as well as original creations such as such as a 2-metre-tall Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit model being exhibited for the first time, and 18 homemade mechanical models from OKAWARA FACTORY, all showcasing his passion for mechanical design. Whether you're a child of the '70s or the '00s, you're sure to spot something that brings back memories in this look back on his 50 years of creativity.

    This exhibition also features the launch of three Okawara Kunio-themed Mobile Octopus card images, including the redesigned G Gundam specially made for the Hong Kong exhibition. The card images are available only at the exhibition. With a Mobile Octopus on iPhone or Apple Watch, you can download the card images using your mobile device with NFC function via the Octopus App, express yourself with a Gundam limited edition card image and make every tap for transportation and shopping more fun!

    Step behind the scenes into the world of Okawara Kunio's works and see all the amazing mechs up close, including Mado King Granzort with the Eldy Kaiser sword, the classic mobile suit Scopedog from Armored Trooper VOTOMS, and the "The Red Comet" Char Aznable's MS-06S Zaku II from the Gundam series. Don’t miss the 4-meter-high Strike Freedom Gundam statue, the last trump card from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, with its back wings unfolded as in the anime's epic aerial combat scenes. And now, for the first time in Hong Kong, you can see Okawara's imagination at work in his own original creations, including a OKAWARA_SMURFS mash-up and a mecha inspired by the legendary Japanese nine-tailed fox spirit.

    Dive deep into the creative genius of the "Father of Gundam" and learn the secrets of different mecha designs with a special effects glimpse at their internal structure. Watch a video of Okawara Kunio himself sharing his creative journey and enthusiasm for mecha design, and see our recreation of his daily workspace, where much of the inspiration for his mechanical designs came from. Okawara artwork showcases 18 homemade mechanical creations, such as Zaku Warrior’s assault gun, a pen holder designed like the mobile suit carrier WHITE BASE’s cannon and a Stargazer Gundam-inspired table lamp. Don't forget to visit the wall installation composed of 120 MS-06 Zaku II heads, but brace yourself - the watchful rows of Zaku's mono eyes will stun your senses!

    Pick up limited-edition merchandise from Mado King Granzort, Armored Trooper VOTOMS and the Mobile Suit Gundam series from the Mech Design Base’s pop-up shop, including exclusive towels, T-shirts, pre-order of limited-edition Gunpla model, a limited-edition commemorative Octopus set, Collectable Metal Relief Paper Weight Set and more. You can pre-order an Okawara Kunio 50th Anniversary Exhibition Hong Kong edition tourbillon watch (worth HK$42,800), limited to 100 worldwide, featuring a serial number and handwritten autograph – an absolute must for super fans. Come snap up your favourites before they run out!

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    For those holding Ocean Park admission tickets, SmartFun Annual Pass or InFUNity Entry Pass holders, an exciting opportunity awaits to explore the artistic brilliance of Okawara Kunio. By purchasing an add-on ticket for HK$200 at the Applause Pavilion, visitors can gain access to the Okawara Kunio's Mecha Design Base exhibition. Don't miss out on this chance to witness the creative mastery of one of Japan's renowned mecha designers!