Ocean Park Hong Kong

Art & Sensory Play (1.5-3 years old)

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play, Children learn how to learn” O.Fred Donaldson​

Using a combination of classroom and outdoor activities with the opportunity to move around the park, observe the animals and connect with nature, children are allowed the freedom to practice their gross motor skills whilst developing their observation and cognitive skills. Led by our experienced Native English educators <Learn more> , children are presented with different sensory activities designed to encourage their creativity, independence, self-directed learning and imaginative play. Through the art activities, children are encouraged to make use of what they have learnt and are given the freedom to express their thoughts and create pieces that help consolidate their learning whilst developing their fine motor skills.

Key Features

  • Creativity and freedom of imaginative play:
    Over the course children are presented with a variety of materials for sensory play and given the opportunity to play with these with minimum boundaries to allow children to self-direct their learning, support cognitive development and inspire a passion to learn.
  • Fine motor skills development:
    Through specifically designed art activities, children will be supported and encouraged to develop their fine motor skills allowing them to create special art pieces representative of the theme of the lesson.
  • Developing social-emotional skills:
    Parents and educators work together to be involved and support children through imaginative play and working together on crafts. Open, free and messy play between children and adults is encouraged as a way to develop positive relationships and strengthen the bond of child and adult through having fun together.
  • Build confidence:
    Children are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, by receiving positive reinforcement from the supportive team to be open and confident to try new experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

    Class Rundown Sample

    *Note gathering time is 15 minutes prior to class.

    Estimated Time Activities Venue
    15 min Circle time
    (Class greeting/singing & introduction)
    Park / Classroom
    15 min Snack & Social Time Classroom
    30 min Art Creation/Sensory Play Classroom
    30 min Nature  Exploration
    (Animal exhibit/Nature environment/Back of House area)
    Depending on the monthly theme

    *Duration and sequence of activities are subject to change, depending on the monthly theme.

    Programme Details

    An Ocean Park specifically designed 9-month course with each lesson uniquely themed including visiting and exploring the animals and/ or environment. Within each month, there will be approximately 2 visits for animal observation, 1 special experience and 1 nature / outdoor play activity. Participants may join on a monthly basis or have continuous learning across the 3-month (Semester) or 9-month (Year) programme


    • From the 3rd of September 2019 to 28th of June 2020 (excluding December)
    • 4 classes per month; 3 classes in January
    • Children attend class once a week

    Class duration: 
    90 min  (including walking time between different locations)

    12 per class (plus one accompanying adult)

    Staff to child ratio:

    The programme will be conducted in English and taught by a native English speaking educator. Some activities will be led by our experienced local educators.

    Food Menu

    Snacks such as biscuits, cookies and fruits will be provided for children. Please list out in the application form if your child has a food allergy or requires special care.

    Record Your Child’s Learning and Parental Sharing

    Art & Sensory Play (1.5-3 years old) is designed as a 9-month continuous learning programme which builds on the child’s knowledge of Ocean Park’s animals through each uniquely themed lesson. 

    To recognize the benefits of continuous learning we include the following milestones:

    • 9-month continuous attendance* – Finale Graduation Party – each child and two adults are invited to a graduation lunch including a special animal encounter experience and an exclusive photo taking opportunity with their peers and educators. Each valid 9-month enrolment will also be entitled with an HK$1,000 coupon for in-park spending.
    • 3-month continuous attendance* – Semester Presentation Party - each child and an adult are invited to a party where they are presented with an individualized learning portfolio and certificate plus a soft copy of photographs taken during the child’s journey. They may also enjoy up to 12% course fee refund, you may refer to this url for more details: http://bit.ly/2lXMAtt
    • 1-month attendance* – each child will receive a class-based monthly journal which logs the exciting content that the child has been learning throughout the class. 

    *Note must have 80% attendance – See Note for Parents for leave request.

    Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
    September - November* January - March* April - June*

    *Programme is charged on a monthly basis, January programme fee will be calculated on pro-rata basis

    Programme Fee Per Month

    Price (per person) Apr to Jun
    SmartFun Annual Pass members
    Enrolment starts on 18 February 2020 from 4:00 pm onwards
    Early bird discount for non-SmartFun Annual Pass members
    Semester 3: Enrolment starts on 20 February 2020 from 4:00 pm onwards until 3:59 pm on the 20 March 2020
    Non-SmartFun Annual Pass members
    Enrolment starts on 20 March 2020 from 4:00 pm onwards

    *Each participant in the programme must be accompanied by one parent or one guardian authorized by a parent (aged 18 or above), and does not need to pay for admission to join the class. Yet, all participants (including parent or guardian authorized by the parent) are expected to leave Ocean Park after the class. Participant who would like to remain at the Park to enjoy its facilities after the class must present valid SmartFun Annual Pass or purchase admission tickets.

    Before enrolment, please read the “Other Terms and Conditions” and “Note to Parents”.

    • Enrolment of participants under 3-year-old can be made under a parent’s SmartFun membership (must be valid on the date of application and throughout programme period) to enjoy the privilege. Please apply for or renew the SmartFun Annual Pass at least 5 days before your application in order to get the SmartFun membership barcode from Guest Relation office for an application.
    • Enrolment deadline: 7 days before each class commences.
    • Enrolment will be postponed for 1 day if the following circumstances happen at 12:00pm:
      • Tropical cyclone signal number 8 or above is hoisted by The Hong Kong Observatory;
      • Black rainstorm warning issued by The Hong Kong Observatory. 


    Please call (852) 3923 2323 (Please select the language after connecting, and press [4] to contact Ocean Park Discovery and Education Department).

    Information is subject to change without prior notice. In the event of a dispute, the decision of Ocean Park will be final.