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Seal Feeding

Polar Adventure I Summit

Feed our seals with your very own hands

With their cute, round bodies and large, loveable eyes, no one can resist our seals' charm! They might look clumsy on land, but seals are actually good swimmers and very dextrous – they can catch and devour a fish in just one bite! Visit our North Pole Encounter and try your hand at feeding our adorable seal stars while you learn more about their lives and habitat!
    North Pole Encounter at the Summit

    Both adults and children are welcome.

    1:45pm & 4:45pm (Available daily)

    Participants with valid SmartFun Annual Premium Passes HK$37.5
    Participants with valid SmartFun Annual Gold or Silver Passes HK$40
    Participants with valid Ocean Park admission tickets HK$50
    Cantonese, supplemented by simple English or Putonghua.

    • Participants need to disinfect hands before holding the fish to feed the animals.
    • Participants must strictly follow every instruction given by the Park's staff to the satisfaction of the staff giving the instruction.
    Enquiry Hotline:
    (852) 3923 2323
    (Select the language and press [4] for Ocean Park Discovery & Education Department.)

    • All quotas will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • The itinerary or content of the programme may be subject to change without prior notice.

    Application Methods and Deadlines

    All "Get Closer to the Animals" education programmes are temporarily suspended until further notice, please stay tuned to our website for further updates. Should you have any enquiries, please email us at uniqueexperiences@oceanpark.com.hk. Thank you and our animal ambassadors are looking forward to "getting closer" with you again soon!

    On-site Application

    Buy tickets near the Pacific walrus exhibit in North Pole Encounter. The quota of each session will be sold at 1:20pm and 4:20pm respectively. All quotas will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

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