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    You Know What

    Northern sea lions are the largest of all sea lions. Bulls are unmistakable - they are three times heavier than females.

    Our Earth Say

    Temperature increases are twice as high in parts of Antarctica, causing ice shelves and sea ice to melt faster.

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    Arctic Fox Den


    Polar Adventure | Summit
    Opening Time:

    Park opening to closing

    Arctic Fox Den

    Meet arctic foxes at the Polar Adventure's Arctic Fox Den! Discover the secrets of this tundra predator, including how they combat extreme environments of -50˚C! With short ears and legs to prevent heat loss, and a long, bushy tail to wrap around their bodies for warmth, arctic foxes are well-adapted to the Arctic. Their fur even change colour from dark brown in summer to snowy white in winter! Find out more on their behaviour and the impact of humans on their habitat.

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